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The Incredible Nib

The Incredible Nib is made of nylon acrylic fiber and comes in several nib shapes, i.e., deer foot, pointed, chisel edged, etc. I have the latter. Before use, one wets the nib and the nib will wick up liquid but doesn’t get soft and mushy like a sponge does. Some of the suggested uses are blending paints, lifting out, applying frisket, gouache, acrylic, and fabric paint. When I needed an easy to mail gift for my daughter, it occurred to me that a personalized tote bag would be ideal. I used “the nib” to apply pearlescent acrylic paint when lettering on the now very washed out tote bag shown below. The rose was also done with this paint. (Not all of the lettering was done with this “pen”.) The Incredible Nib can be sharpened or reshaped with sandpaper. I tried to reshape the small end of mine, but as I recall didn’t get it the way I wanted it. You can see that I somehow bent it in the process in the photo below. This tool can be found at Dick Blick, Pearl Art Supply, MisterArt and other places.



Well, really, it’s a Clairefontaine staple bound notebook. The company makes a variety of journals, but their notebook pictured here works well for me. It’s $6.oo, and the fountain pen friendly paper is a joy to write on!


Suede Pens

I’d almost forgotten about my suede pens. Haven’t used them in awhile, but they’re great for lefty overwriters like me when larger letters are called for.  Made of ultra-suede, they can be used with washable ink and watercolors. After use, it’s best to clean them immediately under a running faucet. They come in seven sizes beginning with 1/4″ and going up to one and one forth inches. Replacement suede is available (or at least used to be), though I haven’t seen even the pens for sale lately, except at John Neal Bookseller. You will find a link to his site on my sidebar. With these pens you can do the big, fun stuff! 🙂
Suede Pens 1/4" and 3/8"

Suede Pens 1/4" and 3/8"