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Fountain Pen Collecting

Accumulating may be a better word than collecting in my case. How did this become a hobby after years of owing and using various fountain pens? I’ll blame it on the internet! Prior to being online, my focus was on the use of my pens, not acquiring more of them. One day I searched for “fountain pens” online, bookmarked a page, and about a year later got back to it. Of course there were links to a lot of other sites and I saw a lot of pretty pens. 🙂 I was amazed to see the array still produced, as well as vintage pens–some just like I have. The rest is history.

This a photo of my 1st fountain pen which I purchased in 1953.

At this point, I guess I could say I’m back to focusing more on use again, after exploring and trying out a number of brands of pens and various nibs. But I know I’ll still buy a new pen now and then. However, my wish list has become pretty short. As a lefty overwriter that holds pens at a 75-85 degree of elevation, many pens just won’t write well for me. Mostly, I’ll be sticking with what I know works well.


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